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Is the physician right?
  Raidern, Nov 09 2017

Google translate this news:

It's a news that says a physician was on board of a flight when a passenger showed symptoms of a heart attack. The company asked if there was a doctor on board to help the passenger and he raised his hand and helped him. Everything turned out ok in the end. That was in march 2017. Some days ago he made a post on facebook saying that he still waiting the company to pay for his service. The company replied his post saying that he volunteered and they don't pay for such 'services'. He replied saying that it would have been very expensive if the company had to land the airplane in order to give the passenger medical assistance.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on it

Poll: Who do you side with
(Vote): Physician
(Vote): Air company

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Odds or evens
  Raidern, Aug 29 2016

I was talking to a friend who came up with the statement that in "odds or even" the person who choose even is favored to Win. In Brazil some people play "2 or 1" and some play "odds or even" in which you pick a number from 0 to 5 using your hand. Basically he says that even is favored because the outcome ranges from 0 to 10, so its 6 possible results for even and 5 possible results for odds. I get that. But ia his statement true even if the outcome iis not entirely random? Part of the outcome is determined by each player so it's not random from a players point of view. Id agree with it if the outcomeis random tho.

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rage inducing mobile app
  Raidern, Dec 08 2014

2 cars
cant score more than 30 lol im so bad at this

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